Atlanta Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair
Our team has repaired or replaced over 25,000 sewer lines in the last 25 years. Atlanta sewer repair is a issue that every homeowner faces at some point. Every home has an outdoor, underground drainage system in order to evacuate of the waste water and sewage created by simply living in a home and using its plumbing . This drainage system is known as a home’s sewer line. The sewer line exits the house underground and dumps into either a septic tank (in some older homes), or in most cases the city or county’s main sewer system. If you are in need of Atlanta sewer line repair, contact us today!

Atlanta Homes are generally built one of three ways: on a slab, over a basement (full or half), or over a crawlspace. In homes built over a basements, the inside portion of the sewer line is usually visible inside the basement where it exits the foundation wall. In crawlspace homes, the inside portion of the Atlanta sewer line is underneath the home, and is only reachable if you enter from underneath the home. Homes on slabs feature sewer lines that are trapped in their entirety, and can only be accessed inside the home by cutting or jack hammering the concrete and getting to the piping. In all of these cases, the sewer line exits the home underground, runs through the yard and empties into the city or county’s main line (see the manhole covers in your street?) via a tap. This tap is the point where the homeowner’s property and city or county property meet, and is a common location for sewer line problems…more on that later. While generally shallow upon exiting the home (around 3-5 feet), sewer lines, due to the nature of some yards, can be as deep as 25 feet at the point where they meet the tap. This extreme depth is rare, however, usually resting at a 7-10 foot depth. Due to the complexities of sewer line service, it is important you contact an experienced Atlanta sewer repair plumber to manage your services.


Atlanta Sewer Plumber

When it comes for ATL sewer service, we cut NO corners. During replacements, our sewer repair Atlanta plumbers extract the entire sewer line, from its exit at your home all the way to the street. We then replace the line with high-grade, schedule 40 (pressure-treated) PVC pipe, grade and slope the pipe properly, and all joints are solvent-welded. We also install two cleanouts (access points for any future maintenance); one at the home and one at the street. If necessary, we also install a backwater valve near the home to protect it in case the city’s sewer overflows.   Before testing and covering our sewer line repair, our Atlanta sewer plumbers properly bed-in the sewer line. Bedding-in is a process that places a firm material (usually gravel or hard earth) under the pipe to eliminate the chances of the pipe’s shape or flow being altered by: someone driving over it, ground settling, erosion, etc. Before covering up the new sewer line, our ATL plumbers thoroughly test it to ensure that it flows smoothly and freely, as well to make sure that there are no leaks. After testing, we cover up the ditch made during the installation, grading the area in the process, and often seeding and laying out straw to aid in the re-growth of grass or other plants. Our sewer lines carry a 10-year warranty on parts, labor, and functionality.   Your Sewer Repair Atlanta Experts – Contact us today!